How To Improve Your Skin Health

At the start of December a friend recommended HÜD Skin + Body to me. HÜD, pronounced ‘who’d’ means “Scandinavian for Skin”. The salon is a picture perfect sanctuary for skin and beauty.

HÜD’s mission is to provide a conceptual experience, grounded in nordic philosophy. HÜD’s ethos draws on three main pillars:

REN (clean), RO (calm) & RESULTAT (result)

Following my friend’s recommendation, I recently went in to have a consultation with Lisa, one of the skin experts at HÜD. We spoke about my views on skin health and some of the insecurities I have with my skin, these mainly being congestion, dehydration and tired eyes. We spoke in detail about some of the treatments we could introduce to combat these issues, such as Enzyme Therapy and Laser Genesis and how to best introduce these into my skincare routine.

One of the main takeouts from my consultation with Lisa was to first question my idea of “Skin Health” and how I practice this in my everyday life.

Up until that point, my attitude to looking after my skin was based on two main rituals:

One: Always cleanse and moisturise both morning and night
Two: Always take off your make up

Lisa asked me to stop using all products and only use DMK Beta Gel and take DMK EFA Ulta Capsules morning and night for two weeks leading up to my first treatment.

The Beta Gel was to help re-hydrate my skin and the EFA capsules were to combat any internal deficiencies. At the heart of HÜD’s ethos is to promote optimal health before embarking on any skin improvements, so this request made complete sense.

There are so many products and views on how to look after your skin. If we go way back to the beginning it might be possible to remodel how we look after our skin and change these practices to become better versions of ourselves, both inside and out.

This is the start of a journey I am undertaking to rebuild the quality of my skin and change my perception of what true ‘skin health’ is.


"Our specialty and passion lies within clinical Anti Ageing and Acne treatments provided in a relaxed, beautiful Nordic environment. We feel there is no reason why you can't be relaxed whilst getting results for your skin - and strongly believe in the connection between reducing high cortisol levels and the success in treating inflammatory skin conditions." Gry Tømte, HÜD Founder

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