The Enzyme Movement

Stage two of my Skin Revolution involved an Enzyme Therapy at HÜD Skin + Body.

This is actually the masks of all masks. I am officially converted. The beginning of my skin journey was shaped by two of these treatments – rejuvenating and revitalising my skin from the inside out.

What is Enzyme Therapy

Enzyme therapy stimulates your facial muscles and works from within the skin. Enzymes are living substances that work with minerals in the body.  When properly formulated, enzymes can actually remove dead protein and toxins from the skin.

The mask itself is made from proteins, amino acids and digestive enzymes. This combination lightens the skins and draws out natural enzymes, increasing circulation, collagen production, lymphatic drainage and encourages strengthening in the deeper layers of the skin.

Stage One: Relax and unwind

At first, you experience a little mini facial.  It doesn’t feel like anything is actually on the skin, but a mild peel is used to allow the enzyme to work more efficiently.

This gentle preparation of the skin helps the recovery process post-treatment and is an important step in helping to get rid of stagnant skin cells and exfoliate the top layer of skin before the enzyme mask is applied. Three days post treatment if this type of preparation mask isn’t used, you can experience flakiness and dryness as the body sheds the dead skin cells on the top layer of your face.

The first mask that is applied is a lactic-acid based peel – applied to help to bind the enzymes into the skin. The sensation isn’t intense, just a little bit bitey. This layer is used to stimulate the blood flow and draw out oxygen to the surface of the skin prior to the enzyme mask. Anything that is placed underneath the enzyme helps to push it into the dermal and epidermal junction which will ultimately improve your results from the treatment.

The mask is glad wrapped over your face and left for 15 minutes.

Stage Two: Go into your happy place

The Enzyme Mask – this is brushed on in the form of a thick paste, it feels cool and soothing.

After the enzyme is applied it starts to dry and feels tight in the face. The mask is left for 40 minutes. As time passes you start to feel pressure on your face, an ichy sensation comes in waves roughly every ten minutes.

After about fifteen minutes you start to feel a light pulsating and downward pressure around the neck area, particularly around the left-hand side. This is due to the enzyme flushing out the fat from the cell walls. It is drawing out the stagnant skin cells and toxins in the walls of the skin.

To keep your mind at bay, you can listen to mediation and the lovely HUD beautician also gives you a light hair scratch and your face is fanned to cool your face and neck down.

Why should you consider Enzyme Therapy?

All skin treatments are trying to improve the way the skin functions. This is probably one of the few treatments that improves the health of the skin and rebuilds tissue because you not triggering inflammation to get a response (laser and chemical peel treatments are examples of this).

For people who have desenstised or dehydrated skin, enzyme therapy can reinvigorate the skin without stripping or breaking down the barrier of the skin walls. When the skin becomes lazy if it is not exercised or stimulated, certain functions in the skin slow down, so we need to traumatise the skin so everything will start working again on its own.

My skin felt instantly softer and clearer and after two treatments I saw a vast improvement in the clarity of my skin.

Over time by doing enzyme treatments regularly you remodel the skin by stimulating new tissue, drawing out waste and improve the free water levels in the skin.

"By undergoing enzyme treatments it strengthen the structural integrity of the skin, encouraging a healthy foundation for the cells to thrive in. It is like putting your skin in the washing machine."
Lisa, Skin Expert at HÜD

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